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Ahearne, Caroline

Classic Quote of the Moment

Have you ever wished you had a snappy quote, a quirky quip or even a classic quote for that awkward moment, that speech or even that powerpoint presentation?

This site is designed to offer you those quotes and is searchable by topic or author. Use the navigation pane to the left or top to access a quote on whatever topic you are looking for.

Are you looking for a quote for a speech to make it great, are you looking for a short snappy quote for a business presentation or are you here simply for entertainment?

If you wish to contribute to the site, please register and do so.

Quote:  As to the future, I would say this; believe in your initial instincts, because then you are young, you have less knowledge, but you have certain instincts. The world of art is somewhat subjective, and somewhat complicated and somewat isolated from society. Something very deep comes out of knnowing yourself. So you have to believe in yourself completely and follow your instincts because you have nothing else. There is no choice.
Author:  Mayne, Tom

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